Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ravaging the Local Grain Fields

1. The mother of all locusts
2. Nocturnal visitations by the Sky-herd
3. Airborne squadrons of witches distributing shrivel-dust: campaigning for human sacrifice arrangement w/local authorities
4. Cabal of farmhands led by doppelganger incognito as labor agitator
5. Life-syphoning divine embryo gestating in the earth's crust: attended by cultists via secret network of tunnels
6. Blight spirits cackling gleefully in mockery of humanity's efforts to get it together
7. Herbivorous puddings camouflaged by wheat-like waving tendrils
8. Sorcerer requires one zillion calories to feed experimental brood of super-soldiers
9. Mass influx of famished refugees from neighboring fiefdom beset by devil's curse
10. Plague of crows led by enlightened individual of unusual size: coordinated attacks against all comers
11. Rats w/bat wings, escapees from sorcerer's bio-lab
12. The earth itself revolts, denying sustenance to its overpopulous children, the gods impotent, catastrophe imminent, sorcerers set to task of large scale dimensional evacuation


  1. Something about a sorcerer calculating the minimum daily caloric requirements of his horde strikes me as insanely brilliant, or brilliantly insane.

  2. "Rats w/bat wings"

    So, bats, is what you're saying.