Sunday, September 16, 2012

Army of Evil 4: Special Forces

1. Anti-wizard assassin squad, magically hasted and invisible
2. Freelance dragon and his platoon of pterosaur myrmidons
3. Subterranean worm commandos
4. Kamikaze giant bats w/bellies full of alchemist's fire
5. Catapult-launched ogre paratroopers
6. Trebuchet-launched trolls (no parachutes required)
7. Anti-hero long range barbed net launcher crew
8. Giant frogs that leap behind enemy lines, disgorge cackling imp saboteurs
9. Broomstick riders transmitting mass curses while remaining just beyond missile range
10. Warrior giants temporarily polymorphed into normal infantrymen
11. Snake-haired gorgon w/company of blind bodyguards
12. Mercenary samurai of preternatural speed and skill: has already switched sides several times and may actually be engineering this whole battle for his own purposes

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