Saturday, September 15, 2012

Army of Evil 3: Cavalry and Air Support

1. Devil-baboon javelin experts astride armored smilodons
2. Tricera-turtles w/shell payload area loaded with evil pixie stormtroopers
3. Giant bats with sonic paralysis attack and gremlin bombardiers
4. Battle-imps riding giant sidewinders
5. Flying polyps that extrude mobile semi-independent attack cysts
6. Tusked pachyderms piloted by spider archers
7. Winged man-devils brandishing extremely long lances enchanted with magic missiles
8. Unmanned drones operated by wizard recently returned from the 21st century
9. Chaos crows w/random breath weapon and four sets of talons
10. Aerosquid squadrons releasing clouds of corrosive gaseous ink
11. Debased, brain-washed Valkyries riding foul bat-winged reanimate steeds
12. Sorcerers in uniform pointy hats and high-collared capes flying in formation, brains swollen with the wickedest war spells

1 comment:

  1. Ah man, # 11 could have used some chain-mail bikini wearing succubi. :(

    And shouldn't # 6 be Tusked spiders piloted by pachyderm archers?