Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hireling Reactions 3: Massive Casualties

1. Even grimmer determination
2. Buoyed by fatalistic mores, now more fatalistic than ever
3. Frankly, just happy to be alive
4. Steady, but makes note to renegotiate contract
5. Visibly shaken, sweaty, pale, +1 to future rolls
6. Alternately skittish and morose, given to speechifying on the senselessness of it all
7. Barely able to contain mounting urge to flee, "Game over, man!"
8. Bitter, issues scathing criticism of leadership
9. Uncontrollable outpouring of grief/horror w/much wailing and gnashing
10. Gives notice of immediate retirement, turns in crappy equipment given by PCs
11. Deserts at first opportunity
12. Total defiance, mutiny

Die modifiers:
+1 to roll if treated with typical disregard by employers
-1 to roll if mollified by inspirational oratory by charismatic PC

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