Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eldritch Side-kicks

1. Grim squire of the Anti-paladin: does most of his master's fighting with his mighty extensible barbed tentacles
2. High Priest's butler, unaffiliated with any religion, ready, willing and able to carry out Machiavellian imperatives behind the scenes
3. Youthful ward of the Masked Sorcerer, highly skilled in magically-assisted backstabbery
4. Dragon's attendant/bodyguard: bright young troll ruthlessly conditioned to respond instantly and decisively to widely varied sets of stimuli
5. Man-ape chief's pampered war-gorilla-on-a-leash
6. Junior associates of the lich: coven of extremely venerable magic users clinging so frail they must use magic for everything e.g. Tenser's Floating Hospital Bed
7. Wizard-king's faithful hound w/human head (harvested from deceased favored servant)
8. Vampire plutocrat's personal stylist/victim acquisition specialist: unpaid internship w/the possibility of full vampirization following probationary period
9. Master thief's squadron of imp associates, former servitors of evil wizard yielded to thief in extortion scheme
10. Dwarf lord's enlightened giant badger, eternally grateful for rescue from demon's menagerie
11. Demon prince never leaves home without infernally-engineered man-servant/scholar/master chef/omnilinguist/martial arts expert
12. Stalwart if otherwise nondescript man-at-arms, alerted to dangers and morale bolstered by ever-vigilant ghost parents

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