Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hireling Reactions 1: Mind-bending Terror

1. Laughs heartily in the face of cosmic horror
2. Steady as she goes, admirably composed
3. Holding it together, but just barely
4. Bug-eyed and flabbergasted for 1d6 minutes
5. Brief loss of bodily function control
6. Senseless gibbering for 1d6 minutes
7. Slack-jawed catatonia for 1d6 minutes
8. Must be slapped to stop screaming
9. Bereft of reason for 1d6 minutes
10. Blind, unceasing flight toward familiar territory, will murder anyone in the way
11. Howling madness of the permanently disabling variety
12. Drops stone dead of fright

Die modifiers:
 +1 to roll if exposed to prior terrors, casualties, brazen meat-shielding of other hirelings
-1 to roll if equally terrified of employer, substantial bonus to wages offered


  1. I'm so nabbing this for my campaign. Perfect! Cheers!

  2. I'm not sure why, but #4 was the funniest to me. I laughed the first time, then after reading the whole list, I re-read it, and laughed again. Must be the image conjured in my mind.