Friday, August 3, 2012

Automatic Weird Dragons

Physical characteristics

1. Smilodon
2. Swan
3. Caiman
4. Eagle
5. Snail
6. T-rex
7. Hippopotamus
8. Lemur
9. Toad
10. Pit bull
11. Housefly
12. Human

Body plan
1. Serpent
2. Centipede
3. Rooster
4. Mantis
5. Quadrupedal anthropoid
6. Hyena
7. Polar bear
8. Peacock
9. Apatosaurus
10. Pangolin
11. Gecko
12. Land whale

Assumptions: all dragons have bat-like wings (often vestigial/merely decorative), scintillant scales, elongated necks and tails

Once amalgamated in the mind's eye, refer to the following tables:

Weird Dragon Breath
The Dragon's State of Mind
The Intelligent Dragon's Current Obsession
Current Favorite Items in the Dragon's Hoard


  1. This is cranking up in its beauty; combining charts together to ever-widen the randomized range is wonderful.

  2. I came to this site because of Challenger RPG. This is a really cool site. Nice job!

  3. I'm glad to have linked to such a fine site. Thanks for the great work, Jason!

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    --David L. Dostaler
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