Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gigantic Monsters

1. Marmodon: incredibly huge marmoset, dines exclusively on human heads
2. Blue Terror: gigantic aerial cousin to Portuguese man-of-war
3. Thrazenor: enormous stone-like anthropoid, seizes lightning from the sky
4. The Cloud: malevolent living vapor, snuffs out entire villages leaving dessicated corpses in wake
5. Sky serpent: mammoth polychromatic flying snake, only certain gods know origin, hunting aerial creatures to extinction
6. Mountain snail: more the size of a large hill, really; "shell" composed of boulders cemented together by snail mortar
7. Earth Strider: titanic daddy longlegs, re-animated, hollowed out and used as mobile dungeon lair by lich
8. The Great Unspeakable: single tapering tentacle rises high above base of four stout ambulation tentacles, roams randomly, seeks other gigantic monsters to wrestle
9. Death Sage: giant hideous human-like head with spider legs, spews aphorisms and historical data while smashing through city walls
10. Titanoclops: towering bipedal fungus w/single complex eye that projects destructive energy wave
11. The Forest Eater: fifty foot tall man-shape w/locust head spews corrosive black ichor to aid in digesting old growth forests
12. The Colossal Ghost of Old Laser Breath


  1. Hmm all these sound like they need to be added to monster mythologies.

  2. Oh, god--the marmoset--holding the human head with both paws, nibbling it like a jungle fruit!

    1. Toss in a scantily-clad Jane Goodall-type marmoset love interest and Eric Estrada with a 50 cal. machine gun and we got ourselves a SiFi channel Z-movie...

  3. The Death Sage reminds me of Norris' head in The Thing.

  4. You're an insane genius and I really like the cut of your jib!

    The Death Sage should be a feature in any megadungeon. Beats the crap out of just going into town, finding some moldy old dude, and paying him to read books for you.