Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tiny Dungeon Menaces

1. Immortal Queen of All Ants and her army of 1000 demi-god offspring
2. Miniature UFOs on exploratory mission: based on early findings, invasion postponed indefinitely
3. Armor-eating microorganisms: spread via contact with strangely tarnished enchanted chest plate
4. Hell's own airborne virus: outrageous perspiration and evil thoughts mark onset of infection followed swiftly by black vomit and development of demonic features
5. Ration stealing pocket-apes: non-aggressive, but bite like hell to avoid capture
6. Alarm crickets: bred by intelligent dungeon monsters to chirp loudly when approached by strangers
7. Micro-pudding: slips into boot and starts digesting foot, exudes anaesthetic ichor to mask operations
8. Stealth pixies: sneak into adventurers' packs, uncork potions, defecate on rations, chew scrolls, etc.
9. Ear canal-seeking demons of mimicry: use voices of fellow adventurers to promote paranoiac mayhem
10. Rat lords: palm size humanoids command normal rats to acquire food and treasure, ride out in force astride rodent mounts
11. Archery bugs: defend castle-like hive on dungeon wall with hails of toothpick-size projectiles
12. The Littlest Apparition


  1. How did the sub from Fantastic Voyage not make this list?!

  2. @ Black Vulmea

    What do you think happens when somebody swallows one of the miniature UFOs?

  3. Awesome. Would the Littlest Apparition by friends with Casper?