Friday, August 24, 2012

Unexpected Dungeon Boons

1. Map indicating dungeon traps found at bottom of 20' pit filled with poisoned spikes
2. Near-mutinous guardian creatures offer bribe to adventurers to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness
3. Blood-sucking cave bats transmit benign virus that permanently enhances low-light vision
4. High-powered gold magnet dropped by hastily evacuating alchemist
5. Dungeon overlord's passkey carelessly left in lock after extended revelry
6. Pack of relatively wimpy humanoids laden with disproportionate amounts of cash, attempt to make night deposit for some successful dungeon enterprise
7. Managing to survive death ray trap triggers propagation of tissues enhancing strength and endurance upon full healing
8. Dungeon fleas that sense danger to their host, bite like hell when monsters near
9. Dragon contemplating relocation w/fiery hatred for every other dungeon inhabitant, more than happy to point out vulnerabilities
10. Adventurers injured by chaos jelly find upon healing their once-wounded tissues temporarily invulnerable to physical harm
11. Demon, swollen with pride over recent victory, happy to cheer on and indirectly aid adventurers' efforts for entertainment value
12. Dungeon armistice after vicious territorial conflict leaves denizens unprepared, inebriated or otherwise off their guard


  1. ... Niiiiice. Gives me ideas, now. Normally I'm wondering how I can screw over my players, now I'm wondering how I can help them help themselves in inventive ways.

  2. Aww. #12 makes me sad for the denizens...such promise in their treaty...