Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dungeon Relocations

1. Medusa secretly flees befouled relationship with duplicitous demigod, bringing only what she could cram in her overnight bag 
2. Vampire couple and coterie of half-vampire minions hauling wagon w/coffins, pots of native soil
3. Horde of subhumans displaced by spike in subterranean dinosaur population: roll hideous stone idols on greased logs
4. Dragon's real estate agent scouts for luxury lair-away-from-home
5. Brood of recently-hatched giant spiders: egg-sack mates or no, cannibalize one another as they seek lairs of their own
6. Necromancer w/train of zombies overburdened by eldritch collectibles
7. Troupe of ogre musicians skipping out on the rent
8. Company of evil mercenaries w/new customer: taking sweet time, 50% chance of drunken bivouac
9. Witch followed by magically animated worldly possessions
10. Caravan of slug-men and team of headless lizards (under psychic control) transport vats of vital ichors, carefully packed crates of slug-man eggs
11. Forlorn god-like abomination leads remaining flock of cultists, equally downcast, after losing out to wildly popular new deity in former locale
12. Unlikely mix of dungeon creatures evacuate en mass as from Warner Bros. Tasmanian Devil (tm).

Note: Due to frayed nerves, suppressed anxiety and stressors inherent in relocating, reactions to adventurers skew heavily toward hostility

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