Thursday, August 16, 2012

Enchanted Missile Weapons of Renown

1. Arrow of Availability: once bonded w/owner, reappears in quiver within a minute of being removed for any reason
2. Throwing knives, artery-seekers: target must save or begin to bleed out if struck
3. Smart boomerang: hits up to 3 enemies/use and returns
4. Ricochet-shot sling bullet (hits up to four targets)
5. Rocket-propelled javelin: single use, accurate up to five times normal range
6. Atlatl of Caveman Strength
7. Throwing axe of appendage severing: random bits go flying on critical hit
8. Crossbow Bolt of Chaos: delivers random mutation on successful hit
9. The crag giant earl's lucky magic boulder of smashing
10. Catapult-load of sleep-inducing pixie dust (made from real ground pixies)
11. Screaming demon ballista bolt of intimidation
12. Holy hurling stone of accuracy: palm sized, smooth, a terrific rock indeed

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