Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weird Bats of the Underworld

1. Sucker bats: the lamprey eel of the Underworld, tolerated by large creatures
2. Man-face bats: normal bats w/maned and bearded human-like heads
3. Vulture bats: huge carrion eaters, viciously defend carcasses
4. Wound seekers: like ravens, attracted to sites of recent battle
5. Stench bats: emit defensive inky cloud of toxic gas when disturbed
6. Large mouth bats: huge filter feeders swoop around dining on aero-prawns and the like
7. Moth bats: mindlessly attracted to light sources, often snuffing out torches
8. Singing bats: fly in complex formations, create mesmerizing harmonies
9. Hover bats: four-winged creatures buzz around like remote control helicopters
10. Assassin bats: picks victim and begins campaign of single attacks, inflicting death by 1000 cuts
11. Spider bats: lost ability to fly, instead scuttle along walls and ceilings, hunting in packs
12. Fluttering things: bat-wings with no bodies, a mystery of the Underworld