Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's up with the Guy Behaving Mysteriously in the Tavern?

1. Fugitive from justice unused to status and on the brink of losing cool
2. Victim of brain erasure trying to ascertain identity
3. Deviant of some stripe seeking same for dating, possible long-term relationship
4. Undercover operative from government agency monitoring freelance adventurers
5. Reeling from interpretation of recently decoded ancient stele detailing imminent apocalypse
6. Body controlled by sorcerer from remote location for nefarious purposes
7. Troubled by ramifications of recent involuntary enlightenment at the hands of a powerful shaman
8. Early stage brain virus infestation, next stop: full blown delirium
9. Holding incredibly valuable and powerful artifact and looking for a buyer
10. Waiting for contact from crime syndicate, awkwardly working code words into chit-chat
11. Clandestine visitor from another sphere trying to be nonchalant
12. Totally weirded out on black lotus

1 comment:

  1. Four mysterious glowing runes hover over #6's head: Q,W,O,P

    They seem to have a problem getting back to their table with a full flagon...