Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rustic Folkways of the Subsistence Farmers

1. The measure of a man: beard length and fullness, mustachio optional, bachelor farmers rock wicked muttonchops
2. Active distrust for city-folk, organizations and institutions
3. War and fighting viewed as ways of slacking off
4. Witchcraft and magic use publicly regarded as unclean (unless, if secretly employed, it might help the harvest)
5. If it don't scare the herd-beasts...
6. Primogeniture rigidly enforced, younger siblings considered expendable
7. Leery of monetary exchange as too theoretical, prefer barter
8. Characteristically chew vast plugs of mildly psychoactive herb, much expectoration, jolliness
9. Stoical temperance widespread and rigidly socially reinforced, much glowering, seriousness
10. Strict seasonal lifestyle: intense periods of labor alternate w/weeks of full-time revelry
11. Ecstatic religiosity, intense piety, temple worship rarely shirked lest the harvest suffer
12. Devoted to pie

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