Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hireling Reactions 2: Sudden Riches

1. Suitably impressed w/employer's dungeon acumen: loyalty assured
2. Joyful, ebullient fist-pumping in expectation of juicy bonus
3. Selfless, dispassionate demeanor conceals dissatisfaction w/current contract
4. Visibly drooling w/enhanced avarice
5. Believes self deserving of magic item for troubles
6. Open grumbling about wages/risk ratio
7. Actively looking for opportunity to steal
8. Demands raise, discrete union talk w/fellow retainers
9. Feels it imperative to cancel the rest of the mission to assure safe return w/loot
10. Conspiratorial muttering and scheming, foments mutiny
11. Treasure fever: prepared to fight for fair share and then some
12. Murderous gold madness

Die modifiers:
+1 to roll if callously denied wage enhancement after striking it rich, ill treatment by employers
-1 to roll if contract clearly specifies payment terms in the event of heaps of treasure


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    1. Well, subgenius on a good day. Though I've had a hell of a time managing Slack lately.