Monday, October 22, 2012

Items on the Witch's Utility Belt

1. Capsules filled with weaponized green slime powder
2. Small sack of rabid vampire bats conditioned to swarm, bite and obscure on command
3. Miniature quiver w/bundles of throwing needles envenomed with dream toxin
4. Ornate gorgon-bone snuff box with dose of powerful witch stimulant
5. Case of surgical implements of the finest quality
6. Roll of living twine capable of independent action
7. Wicked curved dagger with refillable reservoir of poison in pommel
8. Animate, levitating homunculus skull on twenty foot tether
9. Wineskin filled with fermented blood cordial
10. Pulsating adrenal gland of the swamp leviathan
11. Extra high-luminosity candles for Jack-O-Lantern
12.Satchel of child jerky and bone meal hard tack


  1. ... or for the Drow version of Batman...

  2. A bag of spiders & a giant growth potion within for throwing at irritating people.