Monday, October 15, 2012

Yeah, but the gaze of THIS cockatrice...

1. Turns you to gold
2. Makes you a helpless thrall in service of the incomprehensible whims of the cockatrice
3. Nullifies cerebral tissues, leaving primal lizard brain 100% in charge
4. Melts bone
5. Disintegrates as per spell
6. Induces groovy attitude towards fellow creatures, inculcates a yearning for peace, love, tranquility
7. Reduces most sentient beings to blubbering heaps of inconsolable sadness, dwarfs go berserk and kill everything they see
8. Destroys good at metaphysical level, good creatures become evil, evil creatures purified of vestigial goodness
9. Turns you into random inert gas, sentient
10. Triggers and amplifies latent self-destructive urges, subject attempts to fall on own sword, sets off for nearest cliff/high tower, takes advantage of any available lethal options
11. Turns you into an adorable forest creature
12. Renders subject permanently incapable of reproduction, which both pleases and amuses the cockatrice a great deal indeed


  1. These alternate special attacks are great.

  2. Outstanding list! I love #11. "Suddenly, you feel strange. You look down and see you have become...a dryad!"