Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yeah, but THESE Zombies....

1. Labor tirelessly on a colossal beehive-like structure of unknown design and purpose
2. Only devour other types of undead
3. Erupt with pressurized jets of noxious gases when punctured
4. Are so vastly ancient, their tissues so dessicated by time, they can only move a total of a few feet per day of unceasing effort
5. Walk effortlessly on walls and ceiling
6. Restrain and carry off living subjects for the necromancer's unspeakable experiments
7. Emit a constant barrage of literally mind-bending shrieks
8. Arise from the mass graves of great battle on each anniversary for grim reenactment
9. Carry the house of their strange master on their innumerable backs
10. Actively seek out select individuals for relentless pursuit and destruction, ignoring all others
11. Comprise the entire population of an otherwise normal fishing village, going about their daily routines as if nothing has happened
12. Have plenty to say on the deplorable conditions of the afterlife, if only someone would listen


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  2. Awesome blog, mate. As a DM whose more of an artist and mapper than fountain of bottomless plot creativity, this is practically an unlimited source of adventure.

    Reading this makes me want to build modules out of d12 parts: I'm wholly convinced it's possible.