Friday, October 12, 2012

Stuck in the Giant Spider's Web

1. Husk of princeling dripping with semi-preserved, jewel-studded finery
2. Half-dead troll repeatedly bitten and stubbornly regenerating: spider, once thrilled with perpetually renewable food source, now seeking means to be rid of the rather unpalatable menace
3. Dead dungeon philosopher clutching manuscript proving conclusively that polytheist notion of the universe is elaborate charade carried out by singular malevolent supreme intelligence
4. Spell book inscribed with 1d4 unknown spells
5. Abandoned chainmail bikini
6. Evil sorcerer awaiting aid from diabolical associates, preserved in some kind of spider-proof time bubble after failing saving throw vs. poison
7. Groggy but unconquered cave giant half-covered in webs, poisoned several times but going down swinging
8. Envoy from surface empire bearing communique hinting at treacherous alliance with dungeon faction and plan for extermination of unpopular human populations for political gain
9. Disembodied head of wizard with pteranodon-like wings where ears should be, not quite dead
10. Ghost of dead adventurer that believes itself stuck in web, happy to be convinced otherwise
11. Spider's collection of mummified exes, imminent approach of current suitors in pheromone stupor
12. Dessicated halfling with magic ring of unknown provenance on chain around neck

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