Saturday, October 6, 2012

Odd Jobs for Fast Cash in the Big City

1. Cult offers handsome bounty for clandestine desecration of rival temples
2. Short stint as muscle for criminal organization involved in negotiations w/similar group regarding overlapping territory
3. City government hiring freelance tax collectors for difficult accounts, paid by commission
4. Sewer patrol looking for assistance in cesspit pudding abatement
5. Temporary executioners sought after blood-soaked riot in city prisons simultaneously reduced staffing and sent death penalty cases through the roof
6. Brutal sadists needed for construction foremen positions, experience with whip a plus
7. Rewards available for list of known criminals still at large (bounty hunting licensing fee deducted from first capture)
8. Per diem workers needed for morning cleanup of high-mayhem streets/districts (Ambush Lane, Murder Street, Hell's Bunker, etc.) during festival season: bring your own high boots, strong stomach
9. Grave diggers always needed
10. City exterminators bolstering crews due to rampant urban stirge infestation
11. Black lotus dealer needs lesson taught to upstart competitors
12. Phlebotomists in employ of genteel vampire buying blood by the pint

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  1. Great list, I ran an urban campaign before, I wish I had this list then. Desecrations and high-mayhem streets are particularly fun.