Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Unknown Spells

1. Charm of Advantageous Auto-Decapitation: caster's head detaches from body at will and floats around independently
2. Create Monkey Tail: recipient temporarily grows strong prehensile tail, able to wield weapons, aid in climbing, balance
3. Stench of Sorcery: non-magical creatures shy from caster as if from some supernatural menace
4. Incantation of Temporary Depravity: conjures up the Mr. Hyde lurking within target
5. Divine Emulation: allows caster to give the impression of immortal status, radiate light, float above the ground, adds celestial effect to voice, etc.
6. Sympathetic Countenance: induces feelings of pity, protectiveness, or benign indifference in the otherwise hostile
7. Bogus Divination: allows caster to convince others of ability to forecast future events
8. Invoke Epiphany: trained upon a troubled mind, provokes psychological breakthrough, reducing the judiciously chosen target to useless heap of self-recrimination
9. Unobtrusive Mental Probe: a targeted form of mind reading, allowing caster to extract specific piece of information from target's mind
10. Conjuration of Celebratory Enhancements: produces goodly amounts of perfectly acceptable booze
11. Wizard's Rations: produces one dozen nutritious food replacement pills, each good for one day's requirements
12. Mustachio of the Gods: creates supremely masculine facial adornment on the target styled in manner of the caster's choosing

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