Saturday, October 20, 2012

Underworld Wilderness Dressing: Living

1. Ceiling rats scramble about overhead, occasionally dropping into hoods, backpacks, etc.
2. Gas-bag jellies harmlessly bobbling around zapping insects with electrical discharge
3. Dungeon magpies: highly intelligent but wits short-circuited by shiny objects
4. Disturbingly large pillbugs creep out of unseen hidey-holes to haul away the recent dead
5. Shell-less giant tortoises, extremely poisonous secretions made the shell redundant
6. Juggernaut cockroaches, non-aggressive, but natural defenses include reeking offensively and mimicking voices of nearby sentient creatures
7. Impoverished horde of dungeon pixies begging for alms, generous donors receive impromptu musical performance with astonishing production values
8. Research team taking various readings for sorcerer/scientist, interested in PC answers to a short survey
9. Giant hermit crabs disguised as huge boulders
10. Wall-adhered polyps of unknown origin: ooze a bit, occasionally whine
11. Red cavern weed: thermosynthetic, cluster around natural (and otherwise) heat sources, fronds wave around as if in stiff breeze
12. Troll head (quite alive) sticking out from underneath rubble of collapsed column