Tuesday, October 23, 2012

While the PCs Toiled Underground

1. The sun has dimmed: civilization scrambles, anarchic panic imminent, vampires rub hands in anticipatory glee
2. Sudden inexplicable arcane feedback renders all magic users not shielded beneath the earth irretrievably insane
3. Nightmare plague crawls up from the bowels of the earth, sweeps across continent
4. Homo Superior shows up, announces primacy: fully half the human population reveal themselves as the nature's new ruling class
5. New gods arrive, kick the crap out of some of the old standbys as example, begin massive purge of clergy, embark upon campaign of terror
6. International tumult in strategic zone rears ugly head, sets powers that be into apoplexy of saber-rattling, back pedalling and marshaling of every available force, martial law declared
7. Accidental penetration of subterranean cryogenic suspension menagerie triggers latest return of the dinosaurs who turn out to be not half as stupid as previously believed
8. Terror grips the city-state as robots from the future start teleporting in and murdering seemingly random individuals
9. Witch Queen shocks the world with demonstration of eldritch arsenal, air supremacy and list of unpleasant demands
10. The dead rise from their graves: totally uninterested in devouring the flesh of the living, they instead attempt to re-occupy former residences, make withdrawals from banking establishments, join the queue for bread at the bakery, show up for work, etc.
11. Reality breach! Planar collision swallows up opposite half of world, interdimensional invasion forces muster at ever-encroaching borderline, physical laws become increasingly unreliable
12. Sorry adventurers! Gold reduced to symbolic status, stripped of monetary value in favor of entirely imaginary state currency, declared property of the state, confiscated for secret stockpile


  1. I like the way that you take awesome world-changing events that usually happen once a campaign or setting and throw them in half your tables. Now THAT is a gonzo world I would play in!

  2. 12 is too fantastic even for THIS list. That could NEVER happen in any world!