Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things in the Giant Carnivorous Bowerbird's Display

Bowerbirds: I was totally ignorant until enlightened by David Attenborough

1. Awesome center piece: missing fragment of powerful artifact, much sought after by variety of factions
2. Carefully arranged stacks of human-type skulls
3. Pair of extra-large gongs of various description, each fit for the most opulent palace
4. Stone tablets inscribed w/scientific knowledge recorded by prehumans naturally talented in astrophysics
5. Tastefully scattered heaps of golden treasures
6. Dessicated husks of giant spiders in menacing poses
7. Polearms of every stripe jammed into the ground business end up
8. Huge feathers plucked from the carcasses of rival males
9. Stacks of plate armor, shields: slightly worse for wear
10. Wagon wheels and axles upon which unfortunate travellers spin secured by lengths of flowering vines
11. Entrails of various origin dangling from bower superstructure
12. Imperial army helmets in semi-circular design, sorted by rank


  1. All praise Attenborough! What will we do when he's gone?

  2. I don't know whether Attenborough covered this but bowerbirds are pretty much the only other animal with a predilection for purely aesthetic manipulation of their environment. Geoffrey Miller theorises that all our cultural artefacts and practices are similarly displays of genetic ally inheritable prowess for potential mates.

    Male Satins (that's a female in your pic) used to steal all our blue pegs.

  3. Number 12 is stolen for my game

    Ta muchly