Friday, February 24, 2012

Benevolent Parasites of the Underworld

1. Cerebral worm: increases intellect, enhances cowardice
2. Detox Tick: palm-sized chigger secretes ichor that nullifies pathogens and poisons
3. Digester ooze: enters stomach, enables host to extract nutrients from most matter
4. Spine dweller: eel-like amphibian incises back, nestles along vertebrae, electrical discharge enhances host's agility
5. Blood swarm: tiny flying arthropods feed upon all gory remnants of melee, cleaning arms and armor
6. Interpreter mite: introduced into ear canal, instantly translates most languages
7. Giant heart fluke: burrows into chest, settles around the heart, produces surges of adrenalin to protect host
8. Pit fleas: saliva blocks pain receptors
9. Love Fungus: grows internally, releases pheromones to attract mates for host, increases personal charm
10. Alien virus: alters host's DNA to produce functional wings, increases caloric requirements ten fold
11. Lung spores: allows respiration in hostile atmospheres/underwater
12. Rockhide: bacterial infection causes skin to harden into armor plates


  1. I'm totally gonna nick these for Feywild-like settings, where life and nature are the driving forces of the area.

  2. Due to a sister's childhood ailment, parasites freak me the hell out.

    This list is awesome, and terrifying.