Thursday, February 16, 2012

Messages Intercepted from the Underworld Courier Service

1. Note from kidnapper with instructions for delivery of ransom
2. Order for resupply of foodstuffs for underworld catering service
3. Receipt for powerful magical artifact signed by vampire curator of museum of antiquities
4. Plea for clemency to particularly vicious underworld bigwig
5. Advertising circular for Captain Ossbagh's Freelance Dungeon Muscle service
6. Demand for return of territories improperly seized by troll brotherhood
7. Totally defiant and obscenity-laced response to extortion attempt
8. Request to domestic service for new valet with apologies for former servant's ghastly fate
9. Tear-soaked missive from spurned lover of high-born giantess
10. Tally of losses incurred due to escaped horror and heated request for remuneration
11. Long letter from sorcerer to fellow black arts practitioner detailing necromantic experiments
12. Simple directions to the City of Uttermost Darkness with instructions for avoiding the mind-bending hazards en route


  1. I like this! Then again, my blog is called Underworld Cleaning Service. :)

    It's fun to let PC's run into cryptic notes and messages. Sometimes they have meaning, other times they don't.

  2. #1 is the best. Such a simple thing, but it promises a great heist adventure.

  3. I had a seriously boring night at work, so I turned total fanboy: