Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inside the Giant's Curio Cabinet

1. Interesting selection of (dented) human-sized helmets arranged in order of perceived awesomeness
2. Bag filled with fist-sized pills: headache remedy crafted by ogre witchdoctor
3. Fancy spell book: sub-literate scrawlings throughout, he doodled all over the spell inscriptions
4. Tear-stained ancient ceramic urn containing ashes of giant ancestors
5. Necklace of giant baby teeth strung on cord (gift from mother)
6. Stolen sculpture collection: 100% naked ladies
7. Charmingly naive charcoal self-portraits on stretched skins: concealed within cave bear fur portfolio
8. Cork-stoppered bottle of giant's cologne: indescribably offensive
9. An enchanted buckler (appealingly shiny and reflective) on a crude display stand
10. Giant's emergency dental kit: over sized hammer and vicious-looking pliers rolled in skins
11. Shabbily folded stack of spare large sacks
12. Huge rough-hewn stone dice (dodecahedrons, as it happens)