Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mountaintop Wonders and Perils

1. Incomprehensible discourse of the mountain gods continuously echoes about: causes bewilderment, psychosis
2. Giantess colony: immortal daughters of forgotten gods, keeping alive ancient arts of monumental sculpture and man-hunting
3. Ancient temple to the space gods, constant stream of sorcerers make pilgrimage while attempting to assassinate one another
4. Surface team of deep dwarfs, tectonic engineering division: using explosives to sheer off vast chunks of mountain side
5. The Golf Course of the Gods
6. Yeti ascetics hovering about in lotus position
7. Wind Czars locked in eternal warfare with the Emirs of Stone
8. Sorcerer oversees undead minions construction of iron structure housing giant lenses: hopes to soon destroy moon for a purpose only he understands
9. Avalanche-surfing ice devils
10. Aurora Lethalis: sentient and indiscriminately malevolent
11. Hidden Dionysian society of mountain vintners and their brews: healing, enlightening and intoxicating
12. Prospectors from space have struck rich veins of desirable elements, preparing to signal mothership

1 comment:

  1. I'd be hard-pressed to name another blogger who drops as many gameable gems. #2, #3, #6, & #12 all going to end up in my home campaign.