Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dungeon Conspiracy Theories

1. Dragons beholden to unknown being from another sphere: hoards just not the same anymore
2. So-called "adventurers" actually death squads of underworld junta
3. The coming apocalypse will destroy the surface world only sending underworld real estate through the roof
4. Strings pulled by cabal of mind-eaters who now know everything
5. The one true god lives at the center of the earth: the path to wisdom runs deep
6. Humans created in vats of ancient underworld sorcerer to usher in age of terror
7. Cube jelly: the secretly sentient masters of the dungeon
8. The surface world is actually hell: adventurers = demons
9. Our small gods war amongst themselves to win approval of the unknown gods above them: after that all bets are off
10. Undead eyes transmit information to secret overlords from an adjacent plane
11. The sky god judges the surface-worlders but cannot see underground
12. All the seemingly mindless monsters of the dungeon actually controlled by a subtle intelligence keen for amusement


  1. Wait...Number 2 is a theory?

    Good stuff!

  2. Number 3 is the explanation I gave to allow surface drow in my game! =O

  3. These keep getting better and better! I love them all. Time to post random messages (in blood, no less) on the walls of my next dungeon that go with these themes.