Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wandering Underworld Deities

1. Partial corporeal manifestation of Een the All-knowing: broadcasts blinding white light made of information, all present must save or pass out from involuntary download
2. Ytaan the god of discourse: a 12 ft. tall golden man in dapper toga spoiling for debate
3. Grushakh the invisible man-ape demigod: bad ass result of an unholy union between a mighty chief and Kruchtaki the simian goddess of stealth
4. The thousand-winged, innumerably taloned messenger god Urootha on a delivery
5. The Scrutinizing Gaze of Ga: a giant countenance takes shape on a wall, floor, ceiling, rock, etc. and stares intently at those nearby
6. Ssisashi, god of snakes: temporarily occupied with digesting C'chihi the rat god whose still-struggling outline protrudes from Ssisashi's inert coils
7. The Roach Queen: scouting for site of next Holy Infestation
8. Blishnu the Serene: on levitating tour of the underworld, fires bolts of enlightenment from his eye stalks
9. The Lords of the Worm Dance: wave and gyrate in ecstatic ritual, emit rhythmic cacophony that beckons all worms to join in, oblivious to everything but their strange musical pursuits
10. Kurgah the Underworld Excavator: blasts new passages and chambers into the living stone
11. Blaskatal the fire god: investigates the world in the form of charming beggar girl with flaming eyes, undecided on issue of triggering fiery apocalypse
12. Clakatan, Herald of the All-destroyer: a living thunderbolt bellowing out the good news of impending doom to all and sundry


  1. This is quite nice. Sheds new light on what exactly all those unique outer plane entities were doing roving the Level 10 wandering monster tables. Thanks.

  2. What Bombasticus said. I like #s 10 and 12, in particular.

  3. Especially enjoyed the dapper toga "spoiling for debate". He'd be hard to brush aside when the goblin hordes descend upon the party.