Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dungeon Statuary (Inanimate)

1. Smashed fragments of classical-type statues wired together into startling aggregation of body parts
2. Three-dimensional representation of multi-dimensional entity: staring at shadow causes debilitating sensory bewilderment
3. Megalodon-sized stone jaws of A'chth the All-consuming: heaped with freshly sacrificed comestibles
4. Huge ancient earthenware bowl of unknown provenance set on grand pedestal (recent work): filled with green flames that utterly destroy anything placed inside
5. Colossal fertility idols of the extinct giants
6. Totem pole-like column of unknown creatures topped with a human form: yields disturbing evolutionary facts
7. Incomprehensibly abstract design: magic-enhanced study reveals 3D map of dungeon
8. Ancient king in primitive garb: facial features dead ringer for one of the PCs
9. Bas relief hewn into dungeon wall portrays titanic god-monster emerging from underground and smashing surface civilizations Godzilla-like
10. Stone-carved coin of the realm on pedestal, 12 feet in diameter
11. Henge-sized stone slab inscribed with entire history of extinct people in tiny letters
12. Polished granite dodecahedron surrounded by tiny figures bent in supplication


  1. Nice list! And nice pic - that is one fertile looking goddess.

  2. Number 8: Bert and Ernie dungeon crawl?