Sunday, February 26, 2012

In the Sorcerer's Overnight Bag

1. Vellum document w/official ransom information in several languages
2. Earthenware sphere containing weaponized virus powder in padded box
3. Ogre-musk eau de toilette: predatory monster repellent
4. Mini-scroll and crystal magnifying lens: select High Atlantean readings in microscopic print
5. Sealed glass jar: living tissue specimen in preservative ichor for cloning project
6. Travel-sized surgical kit
7. Pillbox with fast-acting suicide capsules
8. Small bag of bones: illusion conceals emergency gem cache
9. Disassembled death ray pistol: one shot remaining in battery
10. Silk bag w/ fake protection charms: distributes to "allies" for cheap laughs
11. Spare set of outlandish undergarments
12. Small skin-bound volume w/pen and ink: personal log of evil written in invented language


  1. Replies
    1. Sorcerer's Log, date 4th of Tenmoon.

      Today I invented a new perfume. I call it "Ogre-musk" and I think I can sell a whole bunch of it, if I just give away a free gift with every order - like a pillbox of my fast-acting suicide capsules.