Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dwellers in the Lightless Pits

1. Land-bats
2. Sonar men: unsightly echolocation sensilla replace eyes
3. Feelers: badger-like solitary hunters covered with thin extensible tentacles in place of fur
4. Giant naked mole-rats: aggressively territorial, commanded by psychic queen
5. Behemoth snail: broadcasts fear-inducing stimuli from radar dish-like protuberance on shell
6. Stinkmen: communicate via pheromones, perpetual state of warfare with the Sonar men
7. Terrestrial angler fish
8. The Light Eater: sentient demi-material shadow form, sustains self by consuming photons (or phantasy equivilent)
9. Bioluminescent flying prawns attracted to heat
10. Huge blobs of edible anaerobic bacteria
11. Barnacle fungi: spread themselves by adhering to passersby with strong bio-glue, accumulate rapidly
12. Oh hey, the floor is moving- no, wait, it's just one zillion bugs


  1. Please accept my contentless fanboy gushing in the spirit in which it is intended.

    Love this table. Yoinked.

  2. outstanding. i will be stealing this. thanks.