Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Commonly Abused Underworld Intoxicants

1. Dried bulb of the devil's lily: taken orally eliminates need to sleep for 2d4 days
2. Cerebrospinal fluid of the mind-bat: imparts random knowledge following short pleasurable coma
3. Black mold spores: snorted for hours-long laughing jags, long term users identifiable by tell-tale nasal staining
4. Extract of dragon bile: mildly impaired users able to go with out food for weeks
5. Skin secretions of the blind cave frog: diluted with brandy for an interesting buzz
6. Deep dwarf bracer: served sizzling hot, caustic black syrup heals wounds and renders the drinker even more dour and taciturn
7. Polychromatic fungi: mild hallucinogen, enables user to see in the dark
8. Hydra's tears: renders subject unconscious for 24 hours, during which they are treated to extremely enjoyable dreams
9. Gray cheese: overwhelms the pleasure centers for 10 minutes, then turns skin stone-gray and deadens emotions (cure: more gray cheese)
10. Extra virgin toadstool oil:  taken sublingually, increases sensory awareness
11. War juice: tincture of white ape adrenal fluids and alcohol, induces battle frenzy/heart attack
12. Liquor of fermented ogre saliva: full blown delirium


  1. fermented ogre saliva? ewwwwww...

  2. Dungeon Delving. If you can remember it you weren't there.

  3. Elephant Mark.

    Why did I just write "elephant mark" ?

    Because this way I can do a google search for the words "elephant mark" "dungeon dozen" and find the last entry here that I've already printed out and taped into my DM notebook--so next time I go on a "stealing tables from dungeon dozen" spree I know where to start.

  4. And I shall wear this Elephant Mark as a badge of honor.

  5. 7. Polychromatic fungi: mild hallucinogen, enables user to see in the dark

    "Is he flailing at things we can't see, or simply at things we can't see?"
    -- other human in the party