Thursday, March 1, 2012

Additional Nuisances in the Frozen Wastes

1. Militaristic society of ice fairies hatching scheme to purify region by magically depopulating it
2. Ancient army of a forgotten culture frozen in its tracks while on the march (trajectory points to ruined city)
3. Hunting grounds of the wooly tyrannosaur (prey:  the ferocious land walrus who in turn feed upon ice lemmings)
4. Elevated outpost of the imperial war-tobogganeers
5. Frost giants rounding up mammoth calves to train
6. Crevasse entrance to the Forbidden Pleasure Dome of the Snow Gods
7. Towering snow colony of the giant white magpies (collectors of bright and shiny objects)
8. Lost City of the Glacierites: blue-skinned denizens devolved remnant of an advanced pre-human civilization
9. Recently escaped fire giants flee pursuing Glacierites captors while slowly perishing of exposure
10. Ice labyrinth of the deranged cryomancer
11. Volcanic steam garden: populated by savage wooly neanderthals
12. Ghost pack of the Wolf King who once ruled these lands


  1. I'm thinking this is a very fine series that you are doing.

  2. If I may pimp my own material, I once did a mutant glacial carnosaur over at my blog...

  3. You really love the d12 :)
    I find many of your tables quite evocative - are planning to do a compilation or something?

  4. Ynas: I am, but don't have a solid plan as yet. Thanks for having a look!

  5. I'm quite partial to the ancient forgotten frozen army. I have to say this is my favorite blog for evoking a d12 of fantastic ideas stoking the imagination. I'm very glad I stumbled upon it.