Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gonzo Footwear

1. Boots of automatic fleeing: sense precariousness of wearer's life energies, force involuntary retreat at need
2. Shock socks: walking for one hour in these outlandish woolen garments grants a single lethal static discharge
3. Sandals of recklessness: magically induces feelings of invulnerability
4. Slippers of panache: impeccable leather shoes instantly grant considerable charisma bonus
5. Mukluks of  Imperviousness: protective guardian spirits woven right in to elaborate design
6. Galarund's Galoshes: wearer able to safely walk on (w/out sinking) any type of mire, sludge, slough, mud, muck or morass
7. Crystal boots: besides looking awesome they repel spells of evil intent and enhance helpful magics
8. Radiant moccasins of non-conformity: provide magical light and bolster personal idiosyncrasies of wearer
9. Combat cleats: allows for attack bonus due to sure-footed stability and raking kick attacks
10. Hip-waders of protection: remain dry and comfortable even in a deluge of biblical proportion
11. Shoes of Hades: Bat-winged patent-leather loafers allow entrance into the realm of the dead
12. Laser-pumps


  1. Slippers of panache - I'm having those!

  2. No descriptions on what those laser pumps do. I'd go for blinding one of those in the vicinity randomly.