Monday, March 12, 2012

Recent Edicts from the Usurper King

1. Harvest festival cancelled due to mandatory training for unexpected launch of industrial revolution
2. Based on horrifying reports, construction to begin on new giant anti-monster walls w/huge extensible spikes, press gangs dispatched to round up workers
3. Exorbitant new adventurer tax to be levied on ne'er-do-wells entering city gates
4. Sunday shall henceforth be known as Gambling Day, observances at all local temples
5. Thieves' Guild officially disbanded, mass executions scheduled
6. Merrymaking now enforced by law
7. Strange and terrible new patron deity named, non-affiliated temples to burn
8. Commemorative statues of U.K. to be erected throughout city, summary execution of all vandals
9. Now hiring: thugs and cutthroats sought for band of elite enforcers
10. Highly-trained security ogres assigned to every corner to ensure public safety
11. Switch to silver standard announced, gold must be turned in to nearest collection station
12. Miss Usurper pageant to be held, entrants chosen by public beauty inspectors, up to 100 winners will be selected for compulsory harem duty


  1. I quite like the Adventurer Tax; nothing to get PCs riled up like taking their gold. Gambling Day is not bad either, and Strange New Patron Deity is something that you can totally do in ACKS.

  2. "Merrymaking now enforced by law"

    Ah, we've all worked at companies like that...

  3. This is probably my favorite post on the blog! Each one is a pretty solid adventure hook.