Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Underworld Transport and Hauling

1. Colossal centipede: operated by sub-human* masters of arthropod husbandry, moves like clockwork between feeding stations (cargo only)
2. All-terrain beetles: up to 4 riders, operated by bio-joystick in thorax
3. Snail-driven sledges of the neutral slug-folk: cargo only, insured, reliable, extremely slow
4. The Lava Schooner
5. Paleogean network of suction tubes: 25% chance of disastrous malfunction/use
6. Flying polyp: enterprising sorcerer makes slave entity available for speedy deliveries (living cargo must submit to temporary encystment), fees exorbitant in the extreme
7. Sarcophagus-shaped transmat booths: relics of a lost civilization, touching glyphs on the inside dictates destination
8. Stone-wheeled land barge powered by pedalling galley apes
9. Ogre-driven rickshaws
10. Train of giant ants: queen deploys her forces in exchange for surface delicacies/magic
11. Underworld Excursion Vehicle (UEV): life's work of underworld-obsessed sorcerer/scientist, provides protection from attacks/elements, array of defensive weaponry (e. g. fireball turret), bio-engine fueled by concentrated food pellets

*Subterranean human: the hairless, chalk-white skinned men native to the underworld

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