Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weird Dragon Breath

1. Cascading waves of time: massively accelerated aging
2. Cone of serenity: save or achieve involuntary enlightenment
3. Blast of revulsion: subject unable to remain in the same physical space as dragon
4. Scintillant ray of hypnosis
5. Cloud of pathogens: 1d6 random diseases attack simultaneously
6. Miasma of resentment: dragon's assailants turn against one another
7. Beam of luck: positive or negative at will
8. Illusion breath: rolls over scene replacing reality with phantasmal nightmare visions, save for mere bewilderment
9. Spatter of digestive enzymes
10. Unstable gasses: torchbearers beware!
11. Cloud of misery: uncontrollable emotional meltdown, save for melancholia
12. Thunder storm breath: lightning, deafening peals, damaging winds propel massive hailstones


  1. I really like time, enlightenment, pathogens, and unstable gasses. Might have to use some of these.

  2. I envision entire cults/faiths based around the Enlightenment and Illusory breaths.

    I'm seeing an entire monastery full of WICKEDLY PISSED AND BITTER kung-fu gurus who learned The One True Way...and really, really resent it.

    And then there's their enemies (the Doomheads, or something) who believe the nightmares are The One True Reality.