Friday, March 16, 2012

More Wonders of the Underworld

1. The Abyssal Caldera: sight of multiplanar collision and consequent reality breakdown
2. Great Migration of the Cave Worms: annual event marked by festivals and strange observances
3. Non-Euclidean complex of the multi-dimensional ones
4. Niagara-size waterfall that goes up
5. Cave-sepulchre of dead gods: super-powerful agents of divine decomposition pose chief threat 
6. Sculpted halls of the art-beetles (extinct): baroque alien aesthetic mildly mind-bending
7. Mountain of bones, personal collection of the death god
 8. The Grand Chasm: staggeringly vast, spanned only by the Gondola of Peril
9. Mecca of the giants: near-continual stream of giant pilgrims
10. Ruined war-demon factory and test arena: access forbidden by sentry-tribe of subhumans
11. Hanging garden of slimes, puddings, jellies and ooze
12. Life-size statue of incomprehensible god Thloo-huloo exposed by tidal cycle of the Lightless Sea


  1. I like your favouring the humble d12. You'd think a die with such a physical presence on the table would get more attention, but no, that bully-boy, the d20 grabs the spotlight every time ;)