Friday, March 9, 2012

Down the World Dragon's Gullet

1. Enzyme attack! Vessel hull breach in 2d12 minutes
2. Whirlpool: forcefully excretes anything caught within into random world
3. Aggressive phagocytes: attack as giant black puddings
4. Age-withered questing hero and party in iron clad vessel: lost to madness
5. Series of ducts lead to...(see subtable below)
6. Levitating parasitic worm-oracle dispensing trans-planar wisdom
7. Wizard and homonculi crew piloting experimental bathysphere
8. Hygiene cells studded with indigestible treasures
9. Cyst-shrine of the dragon cult
10. Corpse-strewn and blasted battlefield: site of ancient autoimmune malfunction
11. Ruined keep atop crystalline outcropping (devoured centuries ago)
12. Skeletons and other partially digested remains of gods, demi-gods, and heroes

Duct destination subtable
1-2: Heart: violently propelled to next destination (roll again)
3-4: Spleen: exposure to fluids amplifies rage and hate
5-6: Phlegm pits: trapped forever
7-8: Lungs: filled with explosive gasses and gale force winds
9-11: Brain: induces apoplexy in World Dragon w/potentially catastrophic results
12: Colon (Hades-like zone of the mournful dead)


  1. If the colon is a Hades-like realm, then what's the rectum like? On second though, never mind.

  2. This is pretty much the entire outline for a cool adventure.