Friday, March 23, 2012

Vengeful Shades

1. Warrior w/numerous arrows in back mutters about being elected point man
2. Disembodied head of court jester inaudibly gasps out lame one-liners
3. Ghoul-chewed cleric now bitter heretic after turn undead failure
4. Aristocratic form frothing from mouth clutches empty flask (definitely not the healing potion he ordered)
5. King brandishing cloven crown roars out curses against barbarian usurpers
6. Spectral wizard smouldering from fouled up fireball
7. Once beautiful green slime-covered maiden screams out her angst
8. Heroic warrior form speaks through slit in throat
9. Sorceress head on skeleton body rants about being left behind and eaten by rats
10. Perfectly flat ghost (crushed in dead fall trap) hates professional adventurers
11. Several pieces of thief float about recounting terminal "scouting ahead" mission
12. Posthumously unionized gaggle of ex-torchbearers seek former employers to file formal complaints


  1. These are great. I'm inspired to make my own:

    "A floating figure with limbs splayed wide chokes, gasps, and gurgles something about 'Gggggllllatttinousssss cccccoooooobzzzzz."

  2. I wanna play too...

    "All the parts of a one-man band."