Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obstacles and Hazards Indicated on the Treasure Map

1. The Exploding Fen
2. Tombland: landscape dominated by towering cairns of an extinct sentient species
3. Ferociously defended grazing lands of the bison men
4. The Great Mother Pudding
5. Head-hunter infested banks of Shark River
6. Blighted plain: a blasted moonscape teeming with ghosts
7. Semi-impassable Razor Cliff and the Poison Jungle beyond
8. Fog bank of bewilderment
9. Barrier rift featuring vertical ecology (alpha predator: giant dragonflies)
10. Savages whose stock-in-trade is man-leather
11. Plateau of extreme elevation, passable by strapping oneself to specially adapted snow beasts
12. Steaming lava plain: mating grounds of the fire elementals


  1. As a player my favorite would be exploring the tombs of the now extinct species or negotiating with the Bison men.

    As a DM my favorites would be a toss up between Shark River and Poison Jungle.

    I think that makes my D&D personas incompatible arch-nemeses.

  2. "The Great Mother Pudding" gives me the jibblies...especially if combined with your later "slime garden".