Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Symbiosis in the Dungeon

1. Charlatan evil high priest delivers sacrifices of flock to hovering eye in exchange for timely use of ray powers
2. Ghouls hide in giant snake's belly until prey cornered, emerge suddenly and paralyze extra victim for snake
3. Giant beetles dispose of bodies for assassins' guild who lavish them with TLC
4. Subhumans employ giant ape for erecting monoliths in exchange for fresh maidens
5. Orcs gain near-invulnerability from aggressive and disfiguring body fungi infestation
6. Dragon sustains jellies with waste/leftovers in exchange for cash horde cleansing and protection
7. Pudding lives in gut of land kraken as digestive aid
8. Ogres feed flightless cave vultures, benefit from their heightened senses and squawks of alarm
9. Manticore serves as mount of devil for protection/choice victims
10. Sorcerer feeds sphinx magic for service as research aid
11. Hydra and chimera enjoy strange multi-headed kinship and mutual protection
12. Dungeon fairies lead bamboozled prey to giant spiders in exchange for bolts of spider silk building material


  1. All I needed to know about stocking dungeons I learned from Wormy.

    I've used exactly these sorts of symbioses in my campaigns since I was a wee dungeon master, thanks to that comic strip.

    Excellent list.

  2. Another great one. You are posting these faster than I can say how cool they are.

  3. Oh, man. I want to use so many of these. (And the Hydra + Chimera = BFF 4eva is adorable AND terrifying.)

  4. Yes. There seems to be a distinct lack of this kind of thinking, as with so many of the things you come up with.