Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wilderness Bivouac: Report from First Watch

1. Echoes of strange semi-musical pipings in the distance
2. Sudden gust of wind carried strong smell of smoke, diminished rapidly as wind changed again
3. Spectral figure appeared near perimeter, muttered unpleasantly to itself, vanished
4. All quiet until stroke of lightning momentarily revealed countless menacing silhouettes nearby
5. Huge luminous disc crossed sky, hovered briefly over encampment (hireling missing)
6. Ambient outdoor noises instantly silenced, as if the wilderness itself was listening for something, resumed after brief period of ineffable terror
7. At one point the night-baying of some predator specifically mentioned party member by name
8. Harassed by flying insects that produce a noise like mocking laughter
9. Thick fog rolled in obscuring everything, seemed to contain tortured faces, dissipated rapidly
10. Shooting stars fell in unprecedented numbers in the intended direction of the expedition
11. Procession of thousands of rats passed by harmlessly
12. The earth trembled slightly w/scraping sounds from deep below ground, now silent because its listening to us right now...