Monday, March 19, 2012

Surprisingly Helpful Hirelings

1. Darx the fletcher: constantly making new & improved arrows out of found materials
2. Munn the torchbearer/unemployed cartographer
3. Man-at-arms Zim: trained under famous chef (killed by Zim in an unfortunate incident), capable of making rations into a memorable dining experience
4. Wahu the wary: detects traps/secret doors with latent psychic powers
5. Keen-eyed Kruun: more likely than average to spot objects of value
6. Brill the bat-whisperer
7. Switt the suddenly self-sacrificing: will fling self between master and incoming dangers
8. Moogumbo the spear carrier: generous with hand-crafted juju bags of protection
9. Frix the fleet-footed: an exceptionally fast sprinter
10. Corgo the cognizant: able to remember important detail forgotten by adventurers
11. Cosmopolitan Cruin: knows one language unknown to adventurers
12. Man-at-arms Flang: never leaves home w/out at least three doses of his mother's mystical tonic of healing


  1. I get the feeling Flang's mother would be more useful than he is...

  2. I have some doubts about Zim's memorable dining experiences. And therefore immediately want to use him as a hireling.

  3. I like these.

    I tend to give each Hireling a few personality quirks - as I'm running Rogue Trader, that means the Lord-Captain's ten-strong bodyguard, continually rotating for training/time off/death.

    I've so far got a Joker, a crack-shot, a very cunning Hive Worlder, a stoic, and a chef.