Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Witch Doctor's Utility Belt

1. Shrunken head array: selections span available sentient species, ensorcelled variously (see subtable below)
2. Obsidian mind-control belt buckle with pulsating gem
3. Juju-loaded sling stones, sling enchanted for accuracy
4. Carefully stored tissue specimens from various enemies
5. Bottled spirit of malice
6. Customizable effigies w/a variety of miniature torture devices
7. Tubes filled with various powdered stupefying agents: nasal delivery system
8. Petrified dragon dung: wards off many hostile spirits
9. Bag of divining bones: remains of tiny unknown hominids
10. Astonishing variety of hand-held rhythm instruments
11. Exploding smoke capsules: many colors/pyrotechnic effects
12. Secreted flask of sanity-restoring hard liquor

Subtable: shrunken head powers
1-2  Emits deafening scream
3-4  Eyes snap open, blast out death rays
5-6  Hypno-gas cascades from mouth
7-8  Floats about psychically relaying sensory data
9-10  Serves as spiritual/transdimensional translator
11-12  Bites like hell


  1. amazing as ever. "Bites like hell" made me glad I don't drink coffee while reading your blog.

  2. And, of course, the chief witch doctor has it all...

  3. Very cool. I actually have a Witch Doctor Villain I've been working on and this will work perfectly! Thanks!!!

  4. Oh, man. How did I miss this entry? They're all gold.