Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Gastric Obstruction that Killed the Colossal Worm

1. Several ingots of alien metal of unknown provenance
2. Compressed mass of an ocean-going vessel
3. Complete set of mining equipment for small work crew
4. Magical glaive embedded in duodenum
5. A jewel-studded throne
6. Heavily pitted and corroded enchanted shield
7. Weird fluke-like parasite (fluent in several languages) swollen to gross immensity
8. Half-digested but still actively aggressive demon
9. Anaphylactic shock induced by previously unknown dwarf allergy
10. A tangled pair of war-chariots laden with various implements of violence
11. A magically protected wardrobe filled with pointy hats and robes
12. Shouldn't have eaten the guy in the ornately spiked field plate

1 comment:

  1. "Magical glaive embedded in duodenum". What rare and sweet old words! Well done, sir.