Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Disastrous/Abandoned Projects of the Gods

1. Cosmic stairway: construction terminated somewhere in the ionosphere due to budgetary constraints, now used as draconic nesting site
2. Pyramid shaped world: proposed resting place for immortal souls until discovery that properties of attendant black star instantly rendered spirits irretrievably insane and evil
3. The Sky Forest: soil cloud too unstable, taken over by airborne fungi, now giant lumpy mass acrawl with terrifying symbiotes
4. Sapient dinosaurs: upon release into creation exposed themselves as potential threat to divine authority, extinction event carried out preemptively
5. Experimental two-element pocket universe: Teardrop World suspended in a sphere of air
6. The Cavern of Alternative Physical Laws
7. The Lost Republic of Sentient Vegetables: left to own devices by the gods due to lack of interest, now reduced to tiny deep jungle enclave, inadvertently passed on the gift/curse of intellect to several deep jungle herbivore species
8. United Pantheons grand meeting hall: desecrated and destroyed by members of intentionally excluded pantheon, now inhabited by their monstrous offspring
9. Multidimensional observatory: ruined and flooded during inter-pantheon cold war, recently raised in suspect seismic event
10. Maximum Security Penitentiary of the Gods
11. Orbiting Pleasure Dome: crashed to earth following particularly massive bacchanal
12. Trans-planar God-Ark: decommissioned and scuttled following the discovery of the more-nearly omniscient Trans-gods


  1. I'd expect cloud and storm giants to run number one for exercise.

  2. I set up a perpetual motion machine in the Cavern of Alternative Physical Laws.

  3. "Orbiting Pleasure Dome" needs to be made into a prog-rock opera, with spandex, rollerskates, and massive mustaches a'plenty.

  4. Trans-gods make many of the trad-gods and straightedge-gods kinda uneasy for reasons they don't want to explain. The Greek, Roman and Norse pantheons in particular just don't want to talk about it.

    "recently raised in suspect seismic event" is a descriptor I shall be applying to all kinds of stuff in my next campaign. Lovely.

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